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We also know everyone is busy. There are many ways to help and this form is to organize us to begin these steps. 

As we are moving into the 2023 Montana Legislative session where the MEDIA Act/Montana Film Incentive will be discussed for a cap increase. We will need to work together to try to increase the film tax cap which is currently at $12MM. The increase is needed to sustain this industry in our state. 

There are strong economic reports that support the impact; however, it is important that Montana stories are told to represent personal positive economic impact of the film industry. 

The legislative session runs from January-May 2023 and happens every two years. So, this year it is more important than ever for our elected officials to hear from us! 

Please share your stories of how the film industry impacted your life. We need our elected officials to hear from their constituents and we need to work as a collective unit so they hear from all of us. Please share with anyone who personally, their family, land or business has had a positive impact as a result of film production.  

More Information on the MEDIA Act: https://www.montanafilm.com/tax-credit/

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